Rules of the 1st International H2 Water Polo Challenge Dudelange

Please find below the rules of the 1st International H2 Water Polo Challenge Dudelange

  1. All games shall be 2 x 12 minutes continuously with a 2 minutes break, except for the “Finals” games which shall be 2 x 15 minutes continuously with a 3 minutes break.
  2. The 30 seconds rule applies, and the exclusion time is 20 seconds. Exclusion for brutality is 5 minutes. Time-outs are not allowed.
  3. Games shall be played on two fields. Field 2 is the field closest to the diving platform.
  4. The first team indicated in the schedule shall play with white caps and start at the left side of the jury tables.
  5. In case a team appears too late at the start of game, it will start with 5-0 loss; if a team does not show up after two minutes there shall be a forfeit with 10-0.
  6. For the “Finals” games, in case there is an even score after 30 minutes, the game shall not be interrupted and the team that makes the “Golden Goal” thereafter shall be declared as winner.
  7. There shall be two referees per game, and a principal referee for the whole Challenge.
  8. Complaints and disputes shall be handled by the principal referee. No protests are allowed against decisions taken by the principal referee.
  9. The Challenge Director shall take final decisions on any aspects except on the referee performance.
  10. In case of disorderliness or damages caused by a team, it shall be held responsible for the incurred liability, be it legal and/or financial. Also the relevant national waterpolo authorities shall be informed per letter.
  11. Participating teams are requested to take care of their own insurance against personal accidents.
  12. The organizer shall not be held responsible for any accidents or loss or theft of property.
  13. By registering in the morning (09.00 hrs Briefing Captains, payment of EUR 50,-), the participating teams express their agreement with these Challenge Rules.
  14. Participating teams are requested to play all of their assigned games, and stay until the end of the Challenge (prize ceremony is estimated to start around 17.15 hrs).

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