Generation Cup 2017 – Invitation


The Cercle de Natation Dudelange invites you to its 1st Generation Cup, which will be organized on July 8th and 9th 2017 at the swimming pool “Centre Sportif René Hartmann”, rue du Parc, Dudelange.

This competition will be the first of its kind in Luxembourg. The aim of this meeting is to bring together swimmers of different age groups.

For this purpose, the program provides special events for smaller children and a variety of races for young swimmers and masters.

Competition Program

Saturday 8th July 2017

Morning Session – Warm up: 8.00, First Start 9.30

1. 200m Individual Medley women

2. 200m Individual Medley men

3. 100m Butterfly women

4. 100m Butterfly men

5. 50m Breaststroke women Heats

6. 50m Breaststroke men Heats

7. 50m Backstroke women Heats

8. 50m Backstroke men Heats

9. 100m Freestyle women

10. 100m Freestyle men

11. 4x50m Medley mixed relay

12. Participation Event A: 4x25m Fun Relay

Afternoon Session – Warm up: 13.30, First Start 14.30

13. Kids Cup 

14. 200m Breaststroke women

15. 200m Breaststroke men

16. 100m Backstroke women

17. 100m Backstroke men

5F. 50m Breaststroke women Final

6F. 50m Breaststroke men Final

7F. 50m Backstroke women Final

8F. 50m Backstroke men Final

18. 50m Freestyle Elimination Race

Sunday 9th July 2017

Morning Session – Warm up: 8.00, First Start 9.30

19. 200m Backstroke women

20. 200m Backstroke men

21. 100m Breaststroke women

22. 100m Breaststroke men

23. 50m Butterfly women Heats

24. 50m Butterfly men Heats

25. 50m Freestyle women Heats

26. 50m Freestyle men Heats

27. 4x50m Freestyle mixed relay

28. 4x25m Freestyle Generations Relay

Afternoon Session – Warm up: 13.30, First Start 14.30

29. 200m Freestyle women

30. 200m Freestyle men

31. 100m Individual Medley women

32. 100m Individual Medley men

24F. 50m Butterfly women Final

25F. 50m Butterfly men Final

26F. 50m Freestyle women Final

27F. 50m Freestyle men Final

33. Participation Event B: 3x50m Family Relay


1. Applied Rules

The organizer of the Generation Cup is the Cercle de Natation Dudelange. The meeting will be held under FINA rules as well as those of the Luxembourg Swimming Federation (FLNS). The meeting is open to licensed swimmers.

2. Venue

The meeting takes place in the swimming pool of the Centre Sportif René Hartmann, located at rue du Parc in Dudelange. The competition pool is a 25m pool with 6 lanes and a water temperature of 27°C. Omega electronic time keeping will be used. A 10x15m swim down pool is available.

3. Regulations for special events

– Mixed relays: For events 11 and 27, teams must consist of 2 male and 2 female swimmers.

– Elimination race (event 18): The race consists of multiple rounds. In each round the slowest swimmers are eliminated and a new round with the remaining swimmers begins.

– Generations relay (event 28): The teams must contain 2 Masters Swimmers (born in 1992 or before) and 2 non-Masters swimmers (born in 1993 or after).

– The event 13 is a Kids Cup for children born 2008 and younger. Please register separately. See attachment. A medal will be given to each participant.

4. Age groups & awards

For all individual races there will be a classification by age group in the direct finals/heats. The first 3 swimmers from each category receive a medal. The following age groups shall apply: 9-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, 15-17 years, 18-24 years. For swimmers born in 1991 or before the usual masters age groups apply (25-29, 30-34,… )

For events 5, 6, 7, 8, 23, 24, 25 and 26 the 6 fastest swimmers in the heats, regardless of their age, are qualified

for open finals which shall be organized during the afternoon sessions. Withdrawals for finals must be declared

within 30 minutes after the publication of the results. Special prizes will be given to the winners of the final.

For relay events, results are considered in an open category. The first 3 teams will be awarded medals.

The youngest as well as the oldest male and female swimmer participating in the meeting will receive a special prize.

5. Registration and fees

All entries must be submitted by June 30th 2017 at 12.00 noon. Entries should be registered by using the corresponding splash file/Lenex and sent to:

Address: CNDU, BP 17, L- 3401 Dudelange

E-mails: Webpage:

Registration fees: per individual race EUR 4,50

per relay EUR 8,00

All entry fees need to be paid by the 05.07.2016. Transfers can be made to CNDU Luxembourg, Banque Generale du Luxembourg, IBAN LU49 0030 0516 4979 0000, swift BGLLLULL, ref. Generation Cup 2017

All withdrawals must be declared until 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

The CNDU reserves the right to restrict registrations in case of high demand.

6. Meet officials

Each club should provide at least one meet official if more than 6 participants.

7. Participation Events

In addition to the official competition program, the CNDU organizes 2 participation events.

In event A, teams of 4 swimmers will swim 25m race with special rules. These rules will only be revealed on the competition day.

In event B, three members of the same family will swim a 3x50m freestyle race.

These two participation events are open to licensed swimmers and non-licensed swimmer under the condition

that they present a medical certificate attesting that they can participate.

Other information

Drinks and Snacks

Drinks and snacks can be purchased during the competition.


Lunch will be provided on both competition days at the price of 12,- EUR. Please reserve your meals by June 30th 2017 by sending a mail to .

Social Event

A social event will be organized on Saturday 8th July 2017 in the evening. Further information shall be communicated to the clubs shortly before the Generation Cup.

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