Diddelenger Schwammfest – Invitation (English version)


The Diddelenger Schwammfest 2017 will be organized at the Campus Geesseknäppchen swimming pool from 25 to 26 March 2017.


Saturday 25 March 2017 Sunday 26 March 2017
Warm-Up 8h00 Warm-Up 8h00
Competition 9h00 Competition 9h00
400m Medley Men 400m Medley Women
200m Medley Women 200m Medley Men
50m Butterfly Men 50m Butterfly Women
50m Freestyle Women 50m Freestyle Men
200m Freestyle Men 200m Freestyle Women
100m Butterfly Women 100m Butterfly Men
100m Breaststroke Men   100m Breaststroke Women
800m Freestyle Women   800m Freestyle Men
1500m Freestyle Men   1500m Freestyle Women
Saturday 25 March 2017   Sunday 26 March 2017
Warm-Up 13h30 Warm-Up 13h30
Competition 14h30 Competition 14h30
200m Backstroke Men 200m Backstroke Women
200m Breaststroke Women 200m Breaststroke Men
50m Breaststroke Men 50m Breaststroke Women
50m Backstroke Women 50m Backstroke Men
200m Butterfly Men 200m Butterfly Women
400m Freestyle Women 400m Freestyle Men
100m Freestyle Men   100m Freestyle Women
100m Backstroke Women   100m Backstroke Men


This edition of the DIDDELENGER SCHWAMMFEST takes place from 25 to 26 March 2017 at the swimming pool of the Campus Geeseknäppchen. Pool address : Boulevard Pierre Dupong, L-1430 Luxembourg.

The competition pool has 50m (10 lanes, pool depth 2m, water temperature 27°C). FINA swimming rules as well as the rules of the Luxembourg Swimming Federation FLNS shall be applied. A 25m pool with 5 lanes is available for warm up. Swim caps must be worn throughout the competition.

The FLNS age categories for the 2016/17 shall be applied.


Electronic timekeeping (Omega) with semi electronic and manual backups shall be used.


All registrations should be done with the « Splash » software (see www.cndu.lu, Diddelenger Schwammfest 2016 – CNDu2016.lxf) or with the attached excel file and be sent by email to cndu@cndu.lu. Each club is requested to provide two officials for the jury

The DIDDELENGER SCHWAMMFEST 2017 is open to any swimmer with an FLNS license and to club that are affiliated to FINA.

Registration deadline: Friday 17 March 2017

Fees : 4,5€ per start.

The registration fees must be paid by bank transfer to the CNDu’s account (IBAN LU49 0030 0516 4979 0000, Swift BGLLULL) with the reference « CNDu 2017 » by 17 March 2017.

Check payments are not accepted. The organizer shall deny the start to any swimmer for which the entry fees have not been paid by the start of the competitions. There are no reimbursements in case of absence or withdrawal.

Heats shall be seeded with the « Splash Meet Manager » software according to entry times, regardless of age groups. Withdrawals must be communicated to the competition office one hour before the start of a session. No additional registrations will be accepted, it is however possible to have absent swimmers replaced. Such replacements must be communicated to the competition office at the beginning of the warm up session.

The organizing club may alter the competition schedule or limit the number of starts if necessary.


  • Price money for the 3 fastest swimmers in each race in the open category (1st €40, 2nd €20, 3rd €10).
  • Medals for the first three swimmers by age group.
  • Trophies to the first three clubs in the team classification


Lunch is available at the price of €12 at the competition venue on Saturday and Sunday.


The organizer declines any responsibility in case of theft or accidents.

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